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[18/11/04] RTL-lwIP 0.5 released!! Download it here (read the changelog).
New web page design.

[09/06/04] RTL-lwIP has its CVS ready!! To know how to download RTL-lwIP from the CVS please go to the download section.

[04/06/04] RTL-lwIP home page moved to

[03/06/04] RTL-lwIP-0.4 has been merged into the RTLinux-3.2-rc1 CVS. To know how to download RTLinux-3.2-rc1 from the CVS please visit the RTLinux-GPL home site.

[02/06/04] RTL-lwIP-0.4 has been merged into the RTLinux-3.2-pre3 CVS. To know how to download RTLinux-3.2-pre3 from the CVS please visit the RTLinux-GPL home site.
I have changed my e-mail address. Now send messages to serpeal_AT_upvnet_DOT_upv_DOT_es.
Please, take a look at our new project:
Best regards.

[23/01/04] I would like to add a section in the RTL-lwIP web page with links to those projects using RTL-lwIP. People interested on this stuff please send me a mail describing your project and the web page of it.


This version solves some bugs of the 0.3 version that made impossible to run RTL-lwIP in RTLinux-3.2-preX.
Go to download.

[28/05/03] New RTL-lwIP version 0.3

  • New RT-Linux driver for the Ethernet card Realtek8139.

  • Modifications in the net_policy files in order to be used with more than one Ethernet driver at the same time (it is possible to have the 3Com905C-X card and the Realtek8139 card running at the same time!!).


[02/05/03] New RTL-lwIP version 0.2.1

  • Fixed some bugs in the example files.

  • Changed the arp.c file (implementing the ARP protocol) for etharp.c, which fixes some arp.c bugs.

  • Changed the rt_3c905x.c file to use etharp functions instead of arp functions.

  • Changed the Operating System Emulation Layer API.


[17/04/03] New RTL-lwIP version 0.2

  • This new release is the porting of the lastest CVS version of lwIP which stands stable (lwIP 0.6.1) while the 0.1 distribution of lwIP was based on lwIP 0.5.3.

  • The sockets API has been completed and lets to create non-blocking sockets.

  • An asynchronous DNS resolver (ported to lwIP by Marc Boucher) has been added.

  • This distribution provides more programming examples.

  • There's been slightly modified the Operating System Emulation Layer API (go to Documentation).

  • The physical networking drivers let to select the internal buffering algorithm (the default is FIFO).

Last updated: 2004/11/29 11:53 $ (GMT+1)


[29/11/04] RTL-lwIP 0.6 released!!
Download it here (read the changelog).

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